United We Brand: Making First Impressions Last

Make people your killer app to outshine competitors, connect with customers and drive performance.

We’ve heard it said countless times … “Your people are your brand.” But how many companies effectively capitalise on the potential that sits right under their noses?

Most companies are now realising they can no longer differentiate effectively by name and reputation alone. The hardest thing for competitors to duplicate is the most powerful advantage you have – your people.

Your employees are the ones who ultimately deliver your product and service promises and can either enhance or damage your corporate brand at any touch point with key stakeholders – existing and potential employees, customers, investors, the media and others.

Personal branding and corporate branding are inextricably linked, so it’s critical to see branding as more than just a ‘marketing activity’. Aligning personal and corporate brand values supports a healthier, happier and high performance workplace. It also determines how your company is perceived in the marketplace and directly affects whether people want to work with you, trust you or refer business to you.

Connecting your people to your brand has a profound effect on the success of your company – if your brand doesn’t reflect your people in a way that makes them proud and passionate, they won’t deliver the desired brand experience. This personal branding and image impact program provides a clear, authentic approach that encourages and enables your people to become empowered owners who not only embrace your brand, but embody it.

Key Benefits

  • Reinforce the brand connection and motivate your people to be the best they can be, authentically.
  • Enables staff to feel valued for the strengths, skills and talent they bring to the table.
  • Develops a powerful differentiator that makes first impressions last.
  • Increases staff engagement and improves customer service.
  • Learn how to apply the 8 -Ates of brand impact to keep your image relevant, sustainable and resilient.



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