eXecutive Presence: Connect with Effect

How engaging leaders develop personal impact through powerful presence.   

We’ve all met them. Those dynamic individuals who seem to exude self-assurance, eloquence and charisma. It’s called eXecutive presence – the X-Factor! A potent combination of inner excellence and embedded skills that allow you to command a room, connect with effect and get ahead in the corporate world.

Today’s aspiring leaders need more than technical expertise, qualifications and IQ to win hearts and minds. They need the ability to create impact and presence, if they want to earn respect, influence and authority.

It’s an intentional process that determines how you connect with and are perceived by those who matter inside and outside your organisation. No matter what your position, it is the single most important professional skill you need to develop to stand out, be heard and maximise your return on relationships.

This highly interactive program helps managers, emerging leaders, sales and other professionals develop the essential qualities to make the right impression and deliver with confidence and credibility in any situation.

Functioning at an executive level doesn’t mean you have to check your personality at the door. Blend style with substance and you get the X-Factor – professional magnetism and presence that has power beyond compare.

Key Benefits

  • Understand the dimensions of executive presence and how to apply them to develop a dynamic leadership style.
  • Assess your own X-Factor potential and identify what you need to change to magnify your presence.
  • Master techniques that shape a persuasive and compelling message to help you sell your ideas more effectively.
  • Find out how to radiate confidence, credibility and gravitas to inspire attention and establish connection and rapport.
  • Learn sustainable steps to consistently achieve a more polished, poised and genuine approach.



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