Would You Like Personality With That?

How clever companies turn personal brand power into a compelling competitive advantage.

Brand loyalty is no more. Business as usual just won’t cut it. Bland is the new black, and a rising personality deficit is draining the life out of customer relationships and company cultures.

Whether it’s service or sales staff who leave their personality at the door, unproductive meetings with uninspiring colleagues who can’t get their message across, or lack of clear direction from lacklustre leaders – the productivity and performance costs are mounting.

It’s imperative to bring personality back to business.

In today’s commoditised me-too market everyone is looking for more personality and vibrancy in the businesses and individuals they buy from, work with or work for. People don’t relate to organisations, but they do relate to engaging and vibrant individuals within them.

As the struggle for attention and battle for hearts and minds escalate – people, personality and powerhouse personal brands are the only weapons that count. They ensure an unassailable competitive advantage that makes individuals and organisations more magnetic, meaningful and memorable.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand how the P3 formula moves you from commodity to charismatic.
  • Create a connection culture that fuels a productive, vibrant workforce, personality-packed brand and inspired customers.
  • Discover key steps to hardwire soft skills to bottom line benefits.
  • Avoid the quicksand of competitive convergence where the issue of price drags everything down.
  • Harness the power of your leadership brand to keep the fire and drive alive.



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