Drop Dead Brilliant!

How smart women polish their brand, market their magic and shine in any setting.

The female factor is making its presence known from the kitchen table to the boardroom table, as enterprising women leaders and entrepreneurs transform the face and feel of modern business.

Today’s women are savvy, tenacious, resilient and brilliant at connecting with each other. But when it comes to talking up their true worth, many feel uncomfortable about tooting their own horn. Humility may be a virtue in life, but in business doing great work is not enough – you have to let others know about it if you want to get noticed and get ahead.

Whether leading a major corporation, running a business from home, carving out a career path or reinventing herself, every woman has to venture out of her comfort zone and master the business of ME. It’s essential for creating the impact you want with the people who matter.

But before you can make your mark in business and life you have to find and fall in love with your inner magic, then step up, stand out for all the right reasons and let it shine.

In a constantly shifting business and career landscape there’s never been a better time to connect with and polish your brand power and start marketing it. Let Melissa take you on a journey between inspiration and action plan as she shares her 5–star formula for developing magnetic personal brands that achieve genuinely brilliant results.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn the 5 facets of identity and impact and how you apply them to build reputation, credibility and influence.
  • Make the most of the soft strengths that set women apart to achieve more meaningful and memorable impact.
  • Position and present with effect to sell yourself convincingly instead of selling yourself short.
  • Use the key pillars of personal marketing to amplify your visibility, value and voice.
  • Blend personal style with digital presence.



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