Mentoring that fuels your personal best

Remarkable performance happens by design, not by chance.

Whether you’re leading a company of thousands, making a presentation to hundreds, energising a team, persuading a board, competing for customers, vying for promotion, selling a product, an idea or yourself – you want to be the person others are drawn to, connect with and remember.

Melissa works with smart and talented people who are keen to take their presence, impact and performance to the next level – from startup entrepreneurs to established professionals and seasoned executives in the private and public sectors.

She understands the barriers that block performance and prevent even the most skilled and savvy people from not just standing out, but being genuinely outstanding.

She knows that in business and life we all need someone to look to and learn from.

So she loves helping people of all stripes unlock their innate strengths to boost performance and competitive positioning.

Is it for you?

It could make the world of difference if …

  • It’s time for a fresh and objective perspective on how to stand out and shine.
  • You are just starting out, ready to reach a larger audience or having the image equivalent of a mid-life crisis.
  • You’re a leader, entrepreneur, corporate escapee, high achiever or rising star who wants to turn up the volume on your brand.
  • You’ve got plenty of the right stuff, but it could do with a polish.
  • Managing first impressions, virtual presence, social skills or professional image isn’t as easy as you’d like it to be.
  • You’re an ambitious type who wants to step up to the next level.
  • You have a powerful message that people need to hear and you want to deliver it with maximum impact.
  • You need to get your mojo on or get it back.

How does it work?


It’s a powerful process designed specifically to:

  • Move you from where you are to where you want to be.
  • Change your inner game to help you master your outer game.
  • Harness and build on your natural talents and strengths.
  • Challenge the way you think about yourself and your effect on others
  • Take a good hard look at your growth spots, rough spots and blind spots.
  • Create clarity, consistency and confidence.
  • Keep you focused and fired up.
  • Hold you accountable to the actions that will propel you forward.
  • Provide unwavering support as you navigate exciting new, uncharted territory.

Mentoring programs can range from one day to regular sessions over multiple weeks or months according to your specific needs.

Like to know more?

Every effective mentoring relationship begins with a conversation. Email [email protected] to schedule a time to discuss your needs and goals in depth.

Mentor with Melissa and you’ll find that time spent with her is personally meaningful and professionally valuable.

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