How to Wow

How Melissa takes you from now to Wow!

My mission is to help people and businesses not just stand out, but be genuinely outstanding. Simple as that.

At a time when authenticity, engagement, trust and a more people-centric approach are crucial to success in every part of our lives, we all need to master our image and message to develop more meaningful and positive relationships.

I can help you do that by …

  • Shaping, redefining and reinventing personal brands that inspire delight instead of indifference.
  • Making a vibrant, authentic personality and personal brand your most powerful differentiator.
  • Getting personal brands and corporate brand values in sync.
  • Improving and managing organisational personality.
  • Unlocking the potential of the brand stars in your organisation.
  • Showing you how to lead with presence, purpose and charisma.
  • Eliminating barriers that challenge confidence and block communication and connection.
  • Enabling you to leverage personal strengths, talents and passion to land a job, secure a promotion, attract and retain the right people, impress an audience, grow your business, make that sale or make more of yourself.


I work with individuals and companies in the following ways:



If you are a leader, manager, team player, professional, entrepreneur, business owner or switched on individual who wants to find your edge and win in business, career and life – we should connect.

My Brand Manifesto

think that comparison ends where personality begins. So what’s it to be? Bland or brand?

believe we all have the power to Wow by stepping up and stepping into our best selves. True power lies within you, not outside you.

have a total conviction in the power of personality driven marketing.

am ‘positively’ unforgettable. You can be too.

help people do common things in uncommon ways. You could say I’m a sworn enemy of the ordinary.

love the fact that every person is a new door opening onto fresh possibilities.

thrive on giving people the “Go Power” to play their A-Game every time! Good enough never is.

know the secret sauce that distinguishes the most effective and successful people, brands, leaders and companies is their ability to connect with people and make it matter.

get that when we give well, we live well. When people come first, profits follow.

should warn you, if you want warm and fuzzy – hire a teddybear. Be prepared to get off your ‘buts’ and step into your best. Big time!

When you’re ready to achieve more of what you want by being more of who you are, I’m ready to show you how.



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