Meet Melissa


How it all started…

About MelissaGrowing up I was the shy kid who didn’t quite fit in, the poster child for the square peg brigade. Let me loose on a stage and that was a different story. I began singing and dancing up a storm from the tender age of 2½.

During what I fondly refer to as my “Broadway phase” I performed in everything from musical theatre to operetta to cabaret, and gained advanced qualifications in drama, speech, music and dance between acts.

I once wanted to be a musical theatre star. Now I’m cured.

Being one of the biggest gleeks in school paid off when offered the chance to host and produce my own TV show. With stamina and costume changes to rival Wonder Woman I found myself juggling a full school schedule, swag of extra curricular activities and a daily live-to-air show.

Whoever said don’t work with children or animals wasn’t a TV presenter. Riding elephants in circus parades, wrestling tigers, wrangling tiny tots to teens, and reporting from weird and wonderful places soon became as natural as a Wiggle wearing a coloured skivvy.

I was living my personal brand before the world even had a name for it!

Fast-forward twenty years as media presenter, talk show host, newsreader, producer and journalist. While people watched me, I became the ultimate people watcher (but not in a creepy way).

Thousands of shows and countless interviews sparked a fascination for what makes people click and impressions stick. Invaluable experience that made me a passionate believer in the power of personality to transform professional and personal relationships and performance.

Satisfying an entrepreneurial itch I switched channels from media to business. Founding Big Ideas an award-winning boutique marketing, web and branding agency and building a national client base. Together with my tech-ceptional husband and partner Gary Brown I’ve helped hundreds of clients across a broad spectrum of industries to stand out and succeed by developing vibrant and engaging commercial brands.

Life and business both have their share of drama, it’s how you perform when it matters that counts.

Remarkable actors, businesses and leaders have a surprising amount in common. For nearly two decades I’ve been ACTivating others to step into their best by teaching skills grounded in the art of marketing and branding and the mechanics of acting.

It’s been humbling to have my contributions to community and the arts recognised over the years with state and national honours including a Young Queenslander Award and Australia Day Citizenship and Cultural Medals.

But what really lights my fire is speaking, training and coaching to help others be more, do more and become more. Not with any epic personal stories of running a corporate empire, climbing Everest or winning Olympic gold (until they introduce a talking marathon!). Just a burning desire to share the real magic that’s possible when people discover their uniqueness and use it to their best advantage to make every connection count.

So what are you waiting for?

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