It’s time to bring personality back to business!

Nobody relates to organisations any more. They relate to people.

Brand loyalty is a thing of the past. But standout individuals within companies inspire us.

A vibrant individual leader can make a powerful difference – inside and outside their organisation.

Businesses with personality stand out, because there are so few of them.

Today we all look for personality in business for the same reasons we look for it in people. It helps us decide who we trust, like and respect … and who we want to work with.

In a sea of bland brands and colourless companies, the cost of the personality deficit can be measured in disenchanted customers, disengaged employees and lacklustre performance.

Business as usual isn’t good enough any more. It’s time to stop just going through the motions, and to turn up, turn it on and take YOU to a whole new level.

Bringing personality back to business is an imperative not a choice for any individual or organisation that wants to stand out, shape perceptions, influence behaviour and revolutionise results.

Personality + Personal Brand = The Power to WOW!

Vibrant and engaging people with strong personal brands create equally vibrant and engaging commercial brands. It’s a simple truth and one that many corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, salespeople and business owners learn the hard way.

People and personality drive today’s competitive business advantages – technology and technical skills are just the enablers.

In a complex, noisy world a powerful personal brand and dynamic personality are the ultimate weapons in the battle for attention, and the only way to raise your visibility, value and voice in the marketplace and workplace.

Magnetic personal brands create …

  • Inspiring leaders who win hearts and minds.
  • Energised employees who drive performance.
  • Communication that creates momentum.
  • Positive customer experiences worth talking about.

Melissa Davis is a personal branding expert who excels at empowering individuals and organisations to step up, stand out and shine. She draws on a rare blend of experience from her business, marketing, media and performing arts backgrounds to set the stage for clients’ success.

Melissa can help you discover the brilliance in you and your organisation and bring it to life!

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